When do we realise our life starts? At 20, 30, 40, 50 or 60 !!!

Our life’s start when we realise the meaning of life. I start to realise about my life when I was at edge of death. Yeah, when doctor told me I had a heart attack. That is when I realise what have I done all this years? What have I done for myself, rather than run to live everyday life, busy taking care of my daughter. As a single mother I have to think about rental, bills, food, other needs daily to run our life’s. My daughter & my parents was the most important for me at the time. Years passed so fast that I forgot about myself.. even though I know how important is my life and my health.

At the age of 44, YEAH! , I know that is very young age to get a heart attack but for a person who keep on running to complete all the task alone , burden that heavy to carry and neglected to take care of myself, also blaming myself for things which was not in my own control.

I’m only 44 at the point knowing i might not have another chance to live. I have not even start my life. I have not done anything that I really wanted to do. I don’t want my life to end just like that without enjoying my life with the smallest thing that I wanted to do. I didn’t even had time to appreciate my life. It made me think that God has given me a second chance to live my life, which I have to make some adjustments.

Yeah I told myself now is the time to think about myself & do what I really adored to do in this life. I always wanted to be a writer, wanted to go for tours around the world. I believe and love natures, sometimes I feel like the nature is talking to me. It sounds crazy right ! But I do feel it. So I started to write blogs in ways that I know the best.


We don’t know when Our life will END but we can determine when our life’s should start. Life is full of magic, value the life that we have to achieve what we wanted in this life before it ENDs. The smallest things that we do that makes us happy, and if that would make other’s happy, DON’T WAIT, START NOW.