FAILURE!! You’re a failure!!! Your life have come to the END!!! STOP SAY THAT!!! You’re life is not the END when you fail.

Actually it’s the beginning for a new start. You should not give up without a fight. You fall, you cry for awhile & get up be on your foot again, start to walk, run again finding your new route.

Let me tell you my part of the journey. Few failures I faced throughout the journey.

In a very young age, my heart was wounded. As young as 23 with a baby girl in my arm, I started my life…My 1st failure was my marriage. I was strong at surface but actually very much broken within. It’s not an easy move but I force to move every time I see my daughter’s face. Every night I spend crying and had difficulty to close my eyes to sleep. Until I need help of sleeping pills to sleep. I scared to take the medicine as my baby need me at nighttime. Somehow I have move on with my life.

With the pain I moved, few years has past I bought a house for my daughter & me. I bought a car for us, to take us wherever we wanted to go easily, it make me happy also that I able to take my mother wherever she wanted to go. My life was going smoothly when I decided to get wounded again. Made another mistake that I never would forgive myself forever. Thinking that this man will be there to heal my wounded heart, instead he made the wound deeper.

I lost a lot in this process, my job, my house & more important my dignity. I decided to end my life along with my daughter. I couldn’t think wisely. I felt that I have fail myself & my daughter with my stupid decision. I don’t have anyone to turn too for an advise. I just lost my mother, the person who I always go too. Now I feel like I’m standing naked while been watch by the whole world. I just don’t wanted to live anymore. That is when a miracle happened.

Most of you won’t believe this but this is what saved our life & now I’m here telling my story. It might sound stupid but that is the fact. I had this dream like my God come & told me that he is there for me, I have more to do in this life. When I open my eye I just felt like it was real, my dear GOD come to me. It made me think, I’m a strong women, I’m a clever women, I have a daughter to raise. I should not end our life. I decided to move on.

I left the house, job & the place that I stayed for 15 years & move back with my dad for awhile till I can get back myself together. I went in to depression but I was strong. So it took sometime for me but I got out of it.

I move out of Dad’s place slowly & got jobs. I have move forward in my life. It has been 22 years now & I’m 45 years old. My Great achievement is my daughter, she has finished her LLB degree with her hard work in her studies. She has long way too go & I will be there to guide till my last day. I’m moving my life towards things that I have love most, which I missed doing.

So my failure is not End of my life it was Beginning of my life. I feel every morning is a new day & new Beginnings. Never ever give up failure come & go as well as SUCCESS.

My Family ❤️