Oh yeah I love the moment where I will laugh out loud & roll on the floor holding to my stomach, with friends or family around. The Endorphins in my body will increase & I will feel very light. Sometimes it’s might be the smallest joke or something that someone had said & all of us will laugh aloud till our tears will flow. Do you all experience when you sitting alone you will remember something & start to laugh alone. Yeah it happens to me too.

Laughing is a good therapy for us. When we laugh out we will feel so light. I still remember when I was young, my brother would laugh watching tv, I might not find the joke so interesting or make me laugh but just seeing my brother laugh will make me too laugh. When we start to laugh or smile, automatically our day will turn to be more colourful. Have you guys noticed that?

Talking about laughter, crying also something that we have to do sometimes. Yeah, crying is also important in our life. You might think, Am I crazy to say this?!! Crying is as important as laughing.

When something happens and we hold our tears, it will accumulate. It will take us to depression. Yes!! This sadness that we keep in us, will turn us to be loneliness, unproductive & depression. The best thing is let it go, cry loud, scream, let that feeling out. You will realise after a good cry, you will be feeling very light. Everyone can cry. My bathroom, my room & my pillow had always listened to my crying. Sometimes I do bang the walls with my hand, yes it hurts but after the cry & letting go my anger I will feel very light. After the crying we have too move forward. Try to put the sorrow behind us.

Laughing & crying out loud is very very important in our lives. Every emotions in our life will reflect on us and our life’s. So very important that we handle our emotions well. There is no right & wrong when you show your emotions. Only thing that I would like to say is no one can justify our emotions. So please do laugh more, cry less and have a great life.

Have a great day