How do we know the important decision that we are making is right or wrong!!? It’s a hard decision to make right!!

All of us might go through different scenarios at times, from your perception it looks different way but I’m the only person who knows the whole thing & the decision that I’m going to make is from my view. You can’t say that I’m making a wrong decision!!! This is what most of us will think, when someone is giving us their suggestions.

Recently I learn something very important that we should not quickly judge someone or give our opinion unless they ask. We wouldn’t know what they have gone through to arise at that situation and for them to make that decision.

When we see the news saying this person had die due to suicide, the 1st thing that comes to our mind is why this person was so stupid to take his/her own life. He/She might be very educated, famous or rich, but at the splint second the person might have taken the decision. We should not judge the decision because we would not know the reason or situation & mental stage they were in.

Few years back I about to make the same mistake, I wanted to take my life. At that time I was not sure if my decision was right or wrong, it just strikes on my mind. I couldn’t take the pressure and the situation that I was at that moment. Like a magic something happened and I change my mind.

I know what I’m about to do is stupidest act but at that particular moment I felt that was the right decision for me. Sometimes the decision that we make in a few seconds can go wrong or right. I don’t mean killing ourself is right decision, what I’m saying it’s difficult for us to justify the decision when we are not in the shoe of the decision maker.

Suicidal is one of the example, there are more things that we have to make decision in. Some of us will analyse first before we make our final decision and it might move in both ways. It might be right for that person but not you. So we shouldn’t justify other person’s decision. If they come to us for an opinion than I guess you can give your opinion but decision still hers/his.

Please let me know what do you think about what’s right & wrong decision?

Have a great day