Sometimes we do not realize that we are giving excuses/reasons until someone tells us. Yeah you got me right, we really don’t realise it. We might’ve been thinking the problems which we think was the reason that we couldn’t achieve what we wanted.

What made you stop from going forward to do things that you wanted to do? Hmmmm…. There, I come with bunch of reasons for why I didn’t do it. Another question popped up, what will happen if you still do it? It made me think deeper, what will I loose or gain from it!!! What was actually the reason for me giving all the reason?? There was a time where I start blaming myself for not push hard to do things that I love to do.

We often give reason for everything that we afraid to do. WHAT IF ???? That is the main reason, without trying and couldn’t accept it.

Since very young age I’m been giving reasons, I couldn’t continue my studies because my father than I couldn’t continue my studies because of my husband. It continues….. I can’t study because my daughter needs my attention and this keep on going. At one point I start to gave up thinking maybe this is not for me. But my desire was very strong that I need to do something with my life but I’m not sure of what I’m going to do!!??

In my search of myself, I find this wonderful person Dr. Mugil in Linked and I had conversations with her on Zoom. She told me “I might be able to help you to find the answers to all your questions by yourself”. I was wondering how can she help me to do that???? I thought she will say I will give you the answers to all your questions!! But it was the other way around. I was wondering how this is possible!!!??? To my surprise, it does happen.

After my 1st section with her I got clear view of what was my blocks and what I wanted in my life. Than come this second section when I discover that I was giving a lot of reasons and excuses. I noticed that I was blaming myself for all the things that happened. I was the biggest culprit. Hahahaaha…. Yeah after the section I was laughing thinking what have I done with my life. She made realise of my reasoning…

Don’t give reasons anymore, start moving forward with your life. If fail do it again, again and again until you reach your goal/dream. Use the failure as a teaching tool towards your success.

Have a great day