We have a lot of dreams running in our head, periodically when we see a certain situation we feel like acting on it but we couldn’t get to do it. Screaming, laughing, feeling miserable inside but couldn’t act it out, we believe as we have been tied very tightly. Yes, you know what is the dilemma? We don’t have the COURAGE!!!! Yes Yes Yes WE DON’T HAVE THE COURAGE!!!!!

So many times I have screamed & cried very loud, but no one can hear me. My voice was not heard by anyone, Because I only screamed & cry in my mind. I do not dare to step forward & bravely tell what am I feeling or tell what is right to do. I was a dearth of confidence. I have been hearing most people around me saying and telling me that I can’t accomplish it.

Gradually I separate myself from people, I start to be alone in my world. In the world with only my daughter and my mum till her last day on the earth.

Years went by I felt happier being on my own. No more opinions or voices are saying what’s right and wrong. I start doing what I feel it’s right for me and my baby. After years passed by I know, I made the right decision. I was a successful mother who brought up her daughter as a successful Lawyer and great daughter.

Courage is not used to fight back… Sometimes walking through our path is better than fight and arguing. You use your courage to walk in your path towards your dream. We might need to cry, scream, sleep and rest, but never stop ourselves from walking towards our dream. Believe in ourselves… Pull all your courage together and move forward to reach your dream or Goals.

COURAGE IS ALWAYS IN YOU…. Never lose your hope and your courage