Everyone has a unique calling in their life. Yes, when you Identifying, acknowledging and honoring your life purpose is the most important way to create a successful life. It’s certainly most fulfilling. But without clear understanding and pursuing that purpose with passion and enthusiasm you will certainly fall short of any goal you set.

Most of us have no clue on our purpose in the Earth!!! The problem with is not knowing, we just loose to time getting stuck, get lost, sidetracked or become stagnant. When we loose our sense of direction, it can course untold emotional setbacks and turmoil, leaving you feeling hopeless, useless, or frustrated.

I’m going to share something that I’m following in my daily life.

What you do now is write down the comment elements of your joyful experience, so that you remember them. Now, write your life purpose statement and hang it where you will see it everyday. Read your statement loud every morning and night before your bed time. When you read it aloud every day it will bring positive energy and as you begin living your life purpose, there is synergy and universal magnetism will work towards your success. Make a commitment to determine your life purpose at all costs.

Always think positive, be positive even in your negative situation. Thankful and be grateful for every single thing. You will see the change in you and around you.

Have a great day…. Wait for my next step……… Shan